is the brainchild of underground super producer veteran, Nick Wiz. The site was introduced so that up and coming artists have an opportunity to compete with the best of them; The opportunity to gain access to the best beats out there, at extremely competitive prices.

We offer high quality beats that are both relevant in today’s market and priced reasonably. What more can an aspiring, accomplished or even a long time artist ask for?  Bottom line is even signed artists with a budget don’t want to overpay for anything, let alone beats. offers the most economical way to obtain quality beats for all of the projects you may be working on. 

History of Nick Wiz

Nick Wiz is the mastermind behind the beats. To know him is to respect him, both for his talent and extremely strong work ethic. Any artist who has had the opportunity to work with him knows this.

Nick began his career as a teenager in Teaneck, New Jersey, working on EckoUnlimited’s “Underground Airplay” cassette series.  This was followed by the CellaDwellas album “Realms and Reality,” which ultimately led him to working with artists such as Mad Skillz, Miilkbone, Chubb Rock, Chino XL and Rakim. The Nick Wiz legacy continues to be, living and breathing within his ever expanding body of work. The only question still yet to be answered is - “Will you be a part of that legacy?”

Nick Wiz created for Preserve The Art, LLC.